Home Sweet Home Opens in Bloomingdale

Home Sweet Home Enterprises, LLC Real Estate has recently opened and is located at 39 Main St in Bloomingdale. Home Sweet Homes is a full service real estate company that marketing and creative solutions to get a real estate transaction done without having a giant parent company calling the shots. The specialize in new and exciting ways of making your home stand out by using video, social media marketing, dynamic open house programs and lots of face to face with buyers and sellers. They also offer a specialized lake house division. 

Pictured: Home Sweet Home partners Jennifer Ellis, George Ellis, Taryn LoCascio, and Mike Carella, Richard Dellaripa (Councilman), John D’Amato (Acting Mayor), Dawn Hudson (Councilwoman), Bloomingdale Economic Development Commission members John Graziano, S. Nadia Hussain, and Craig, Christine, and Timothy Ollenschleger, Jacquline Carella, Not pictured: Bloomingdale Economic Development Commission members Lisa Bendel, Elisa Kolenut, Suzanne Osborne, Theresa Merino, Borough Administrator Michael Sondermeyer.


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