I Remember Dad: Hold Dear in Reverence, Thy Love for Family

By Richard Mabey Jr.


In a corner of my bedroom, I have a little table. Upon this table rests a framed picture of my beloved father, standing next to a photograph of Dad’s Uncle Earl, who was killed in France fighting for democracy during the First World War. In front of Dad’s picture, I keep my Holy Bible. To the left-hand side of my Bible, is placed my God and Country Award, from the First Reformed Church of Lincoln Park.


Every evening, before I sit at my desk to write, I spend a few moments to look at Dad’s picture and spend a few moments reflecting upon the goodness that rang through his humble heart. Also, before I begin writing, I spend a few minutes reading my Bible.


Before I begin writing any of my “I Remember Dad” true-life stories, I read my Bible for a little while and then pray for the good Lord to give me guidance while I write. Sometimes, I start out with an idea to write about, in a particular column of IRD. But, some time in the midst of writing the column, it takes a new direction. It makes me all so aware, that the process of writing the IRD column, is very much a partnership with the good Lord.


Love and truth are the two guideposts that I have looked upon, on this journey of writing the memories of the moments in time that I shared with my dad. Sometimes, I have a dream and it brings my heart and mind back to another time, another place, of times spent with Dad.


I think that writing about Dad’s stay at Hickam Air Field, when he was in the Seventh Army Air Corps, has been the most difficult chapters of IRD to write about. Namely because I was not there. I did not share that era of Dad’s life with him. But, I call upon my memories of the stories that Dad told me, that Grandma and Grandpa told me, and that my uncles remembered from the letters that Dad wrote them from Hickam Air Field, in Hawaii.


Life is short. In the grand scheme of things, in the eons of time gone by, it is but a blink of an eye. We struggle, we work hard, we laugh, we cry, we rest, we love. There are vast lessons to be learned.


It’s been my purpose in writing the “I Remember Dad” series to provide a truthful venue where individuals can see, through my fond memories of time spent with my dad, that the love of a dad is a vital and integral important component of a person’s life. Far too often, I have heard men complain about their children. It always made me sad. It would break my heart to hear a man carry on about how he was all so disappointed in his son or daughter.


Love is the key. It is the burning flame that burns out disappointments, grudges, and human conflicts. Love is ever so gentle. It has amazing healing powers. The power of love in human relations has yet to be fully understand by the physicians, psychologists, and academic professors. Love holds an infinite power of goodness. It knows no limitations.


These are changing times. Hold dear to heart, your precious loved ones. For all the fathers out there, please do remember the three ingredients to having a most wonderful and glorious relationship with your children. Those three elements are: to forgive, to forgive some more, and to forgive even more. Love one another. None of us have a guarantee to see tomorrow’s rising sun.


Richard Mabey Jr. is a freelance writer. He can be reached at richardmabeyjr@hotmail.com. Please put on the subject line: My Life Publications.

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