It’s a Career Change to the Creative World for Morristown Resident 

by Jeff Garrett


It’s not every day that people say goodbye to their 9 to 5 job and make a 180 degree turn with their 

career.   Yet this day came for Morristown resident Sherri Schachter just a few months ago when she 

traded in her livelihood at Google as a Manager in their Learning Department and purchased Glassworks 

Studio at 151 South Street in the county seat.  Just over a month in it seems pretty obvious that she 

made the right choice.

Her decision to change careers arrived during the COVID quarantine. Schachter always had a penchant 

for creating things, stemming back to her college days as an Art Major at San Jose State University on the west coast where she worked in high tech and did crafts on the side. 

Fast forward a few decades and Schachter still likes to create she found, but where could she make it 

her new livelihood.  Thankfully, Morristown’s a small town – and people talk.

“We went to a friend’s house for dinner and some one said that the Glassworks studio on State Street 

was for sale since the owner, Stacey Schlosser, wanted to retire.”  After looking at it with her husband 

Charlie, they felt they stumbled onto a golden opportunity.   Glassworks is an open studio, school and 

event space, where anyone can make fused art for décor, gifts and everyday use.

Schlosser’s Glassworks became a small institution in Morristown beginning in 2002, delighting three 

generations of creators that visited the studio as part of a class or by themselves. Schachter’s even seen 

how corporate America can take part in the fun.

“This month, I got a call from a woman in Massachusetts who was looking for a place to bring about 20 

remote workers for a team-building experience.”  Schachter obliged and welcomed the group from 

BioNtech, which later dined at Bistro 16 in Morristown after making creations at Glassworks. 


As for any changes Schachter and her husband plan on making, there will be some, but the couple 

realizes not to be quick to change a good thing. 


“We want to modernize the brand visually,” said Charlie, who helps with marketing and related 

responsibilities at the studio.  The Glassworks logo will be updated along with a rebranding of the 

website as the company moves from “Glassworks” to “Glassworks & More,” another slight change 

Sherri wanted to make to let folks know about the studio’s expanded offerings. 


Schachter has modernized the way folks book space at the studio, opting for an online platform. 

“I’m taking over a legacy,” the retired corporate executive knows. “People came here, their kids came 

and now their grandkids are coming, to create handmade art. I’m so proud to be entrusted with the 

legacy of Glassworks, which has touched the lives of so many people in our area,” she said. “We will 

continue to offer a unique space where families, friends and colleagues can gather an spend quality time 

together.” Glassworks hosts birthday parties, corporate events, event space and opportunities for walk-

in customers.


Most of all, Schachter’s deepening her connection to her community by managing a place where folks 

can pursue their creative endeavors and create meaningful experiences which is the change in her life 

she was happy to make. For more information on Glassworks, visit

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