John Murphy: Denville Council Candidate- Republican


  1. What is your educational and volunteer background?  B.S. Business/Accounting Degree from the College of New Jersey, A.A. Business from CCM, as a volunteer, over 10 years on Denville Board of Adjustment, Four year term as Councilman-at-large for Denville, Founding member of Downtown Denville Business Improvement District, Denville Green Sustainability Silver Certificate Committee, Rock-Den Renegades Board Member, Treasurer, and Coach, Rockaway River Clean-up Member, Hurricane Irene & Superstorm Sandy volunteer, St. Clare’s and St. Francis Fall Festival Volunteer, Denville Soccer & Softball Coach
  2. Why did you choose to run for mayor/council? Mayor Andes asked me to bring my Board of Adjustment skills combined with my career finance/accounting/business skills to the council, I saw it as a natural extension of my giving back to Denville.
  3. What do you feel is the biggest issue facing Denville today? I believe there are two major issues, 1) maintaining a tight control on our portion of the budget to help keep taxes low and help make Denville affordable, and 2) being very proactive in resolving the Affordable Housing court mandate, we as a Council have been very proactive in seeking the courts approval our Affordable Housing plan, and maintaining our Builders Remedy protection.  If the courts were to take away our builder’s remedy prevention, the damage to our infrastructure (schools, roads, open space, traffic, etc.) could be very significant.
  4. Why did you decide to run now? I have had what I believe a very successful first term, I feel there is more to do.  I have enjoyed bringing Downtown Denville BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT to life, working to solve the Affordable Housing issue, and reviewing our budgets.  I feel that I have more to offer.
  5. What specific skills will you bring to the table if elected/re-elected?  Certainly, I believe that I now bring a lot more knowledge and experience about the inner workings of how to get things done than I had in my first term.  Ideas and plans for continued improvements of our downtown. Good relationships with all the committees and partnerships we need to create to move Denville forward.  Also, I’ve applied my knowledge of budgeting and business planning to help keep our costs down and save the taxpayers money. I consider myself very approachable and listen to all sides and parties and to my fellow citizens and business owners prior to making any decisions.
  6. What new programs or initiatives would you like to start if elected/re-elected? I would like to see some long-term relief from flooding especially in our downtown area, getting the Army Corp. to complete their study and implement the recommendations would help.  I would also like to take another stab at a downtown parking relief. I am in favor of open space and would like to see the town develop another all-weather turf field. I will continue to do my due diligence on our portion of the budget to help to continue to provide tax stabilization.  Additionally I would work to reduce the townships long term debt. I believe in safe schools and support the Class 3 officers in our schools, and will continue to work with our BOE. 
  7. What are you passionate about? Public Safety, I believe it is the first job of every elected person in Denville is, to provide the community with the peace of mind that our town is safe.  We have a very professional Police Department, and excellent volunteer base within our Fire Department, First Aid and OEM services, our unsung heroes also include the often-forgotten Department of Public Works along with our first responders are also on call 24/7 we can’t thank all of them enough.
  8. What is the best thing about Denville? Our sense of community spirit, we pull together in times of need, and enjoy ourselves in times of pleasure.  You see your neighbors at Downtown events, Fourth of July, individual lake celebrations. Volunteers participate in the many varied interest available.  Our town has something for everyone, I would urge my fellow citizens to find their passion and volunteer, from my experience your get more back than you give, and get to meet new people.
  9. What are your hobbies/interests? Now that I am retired, I find myself more involved in different organizations, I am a liaison to Downtown Denville BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT and find that both time consuming and rewarding.  I also enjoy my family, travel and golf.
  10. What is your professional background?  Upon graduation from college, I went to work in industry specializing in the finance and accounting field, I enjoyed a long career with increasing responsibilities.   I finished my career with working 23 years for a Fortune 400 major medical device manufacturer in the areas of financial reporting and statement consolidation, and even found time to volunteer there at the Credit Union. 

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