Kevin Dorlon Announces Run for Congress

Kevin Dorlon, family man, youth minister, business owner, and builder for 26 years is running for the 7th District Congressional seat for New Jersey. Kevin’s dynamic approach brings passion and commitment. He is a true representative of District 7 and an outspoken advocate for the people.


Kevin is determined to be a voice for the people: “When Congress was initially established, its intention was to be a service by the people, for the people. Somehow along the way, it became a club of wealthy people far too removed from the day-to-day struggles and concerns of their constituents.” He adds, “we all know the issues we face. I am tired of hearing the same negative dialogue day in and day out. I believe it is time to start focusing on positive solutions.”


Kevin resonates with every community member. He believes that in order to be successful as 

a congressman, you must truly know the people in your communities.  He plans to take a different approach. He will be himself, tenacious and genuine, outspoken and passionate about the issues, to represent the people of the 7th District. Dorlon said “I care, I will listen and I will bring people together to simplify solutions, and get results for our district and our state.”  

Dorlon For Congress started as Kevin, his wife, Nina (Santos), a lifetime resident of Long Valley, and their four children brainstormed, researched, and prayed, and it has quickly blossomed with overwhelming community support. Running on ideas of Family, Freedom, and Unity, Kevin’s campaign is taking flight. Kevin believes, “It is time to end government overreach. Let the parents decide how to raise their children, restore medical freedoms, allow small businesses to flourish, support the police, assist our elderly and veterans, help people with disabilities get into the workforce, and restore this district as the first step to restoring our nation.”

Kevin Dorlon will bring change. Kevin Dorlon will be your voice. 

Kevin Dorlon for Family & Freedom.  

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