Kindergarteners Graduate Primrose

The Primrose School of Florham Park just celebrated its third Annual Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony with a full class of 25 students on June 23.

The ceremony, performed by the talented kindergarten graduates, included a salute and tribute song to their country, the United States of America, songs in Spanish, taught to them through their “Mucho Mundo Spanish Program,” a poem about “Families,” “The Days of the Week Song,” and a variety of other songs and poems taught to them throughout the busy academic school year. The graduation was a great celebration and showcased the partnership between Primrose School of Florham Park and its wonderful families. It concluded with a family barbecue celebration.

The school was recently awarded the AdvancED Accreditation that has been serving Florham Park, Livingston, Madison, Chatham and other surrounding towns since 2013.  It provides the students who range from six weeks of age up to 5 years of age, with a healthy balanced menu, a safe and nurturing learning environment, and a balanced learning curriculum specifically made for them by their select educational professionals. These factors are what set The Primrose School of Florham Park apart from the rest. Their balanced learning curriculum and unique character development program, designed by their Primrose education professionals, set their students up for a successful and rewarding future both in education and life.

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