Kinnelon High School Art Teacher Wins Award

Photo credit: Alice Kivlon

By Steve Sears

Kinnelon High School Arts teacher, Alice Kivlon, was notified the week of October 19 by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards that she was an awardee of the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for the Digital Manipulation.

The competition featured the work of 910 photographers from 63 countries, who submitted 6,875 total photographs for consideration. “I’m pleased for the recognition,” Kivlon says. “In the past, I entered several different competitions, but I stopped it for a while because now I’m working on a children’s book (“That Day in May”). It (the book) should be out in November.” 

She then adds, “As an awardee in the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, I am invited to participate in the 6th edition of the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography that will be held in May 2021 in Barcelona at the FotoNostrum Gallery ( For the time being, the Biennial will be in May, and we will continue assessing the situation and will move the date forward (to June or July) if necessary. The Biennial will be held only when it will be feasible and safe to travel from any corner of the world to Barcelona.”

Kivlon was a previous winner in the 3rd Annual Julia Margaret Cameron Award for the Fine Art and Digital Manipulation Categories.

Kivlon, who resides in Paramus and has been teaching digital and photography art at the high school for 12 years, is a photomontage artist. She explains. “Photomontage is when you take different  photos and you combine them, kind of like a collage. So, photomontage means photographs that are turned into a collage digitally.” Kivlon finds the art relaxing. “Every image that I have has anywhere from 10 to 30 of my different photographs – I’m always photographing – and then I combine my photographs into the illustration. That’s the montage. And my work at the computer, it’s so much fun, that’s why I love teaching it.”

Kivlon fell in love with art in the 3rd grade when one of her pieces was selected to be displayed at the Bloomingdale Outdoor Clothesline Art Show. “They selected one of my works, I went there, and my parents were so proud, and that’s what started my love of art.” Initially a painter, she then attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan for graphic design. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and became an Art and Creative Director, even garnering a Clio award for her work as “Best Calendar of the Year” when she created a calendar for Pepsi. She went back to school to get her teaching degree, and 30 years after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she returned to SVA for her master’s in digital photography.

Teaching digital photography, Kivlon has had students approach her and say they didn’t realize they were creative. “It’s a great source of satisfaction for me, as is seeing my own finished work,” she says. 

Her ultimate goal is to have a one-woman show. “That would be a dream: to have a one-woman show,” she says.

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