Ladies Fellowship Hosts Guest Speaker

The Ladies Fellowship of Chapel on the Hill in Cedar Grove will meet on Tues., May 9 at 7 p.m. The guest speaker will be Rev. Juan Garcia, Director of Christian Community Development, Star of Hope Ministries in Paterson. Star of Hope is a historic ministry in downtown Paterson serving the poor, the homeless, seniors, youth, the unemployed, the underemployed and many individuals and families that find themselves in hard places. We do this by working in partnership with churches, schools, and service organizations. A Christian non-profit organization established in 1913, Star of Hope serves those that serve people in need by convening groups of people from across Northern New Jersey through unique and varied opportunities to build relationships and mobilize them for action and service;
providing food, clothing, and other material resources to individuals and families through Star of Hope’s Member Network of churches and organizations in Greater Paterson; equipping churches, organizations, pastors and community leaders through ongoing training in Christian Community Development, leadership and character development, and other topics and best practices that are essential to leaders ministering in an urban center.

Star of Hope applauds the churches, organizations and businesses in the city and in the suburbs that are serving in a variety of ways to alleviate poverty. Star of Hope is particularly excited about the long-term Christian Community Development being done in neighborhoods by those who believe in the work and the person of Jesus Christ. These efforts will produce lasting change long after many come and go.

Women of all ages and denominations are invited to attend these meetings on the second Tues. of every month except July and August. The evening concludes with a time of fellowship and refreshments. For more information, call 973-239-6064 or visit

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