Little Falls Gathers Donations to Provide Aid for Ukraine

By Tina Pappas


The Township is collecting donations for war-torn Ukraine as its refugee crisis continues to grow as a result of Russia’s invasion two weeks ago. Councilwoman Tanya Seber, who is of Ukranian descent, said donations have been pouring in to the drop-off site at the Little Falls Police Department. The municipal building is also displaying blue and yellow for Ukraine’s flag colors to show support. The Little Falls Fire Department has also donated retiring apparel. 


“We do have a strong Ukranian community here in Little Falls,” Seber said. “We raised the Ukrainian flag at Town Hall last week as we did two years ago when Mayor James Damiano gave a proclamation to Holodomor, which was the Soviet terror-famine that killed millions of Ukrainians from 1932-1933.” 


Seber, who is first-generation Ukrainian-American, said she grew up listening to stories of her family’s experiences, especially during the time they had to flee the country to escape the then Soviet persecution. Her lineage stems from the western part of Ukraine that borders with Poland.


She said that seeing an outpouring of support by everyone for Ukraine has been amazing.


“To see this outpouring of love and support for Ukraine and its citizens, regardless of race, religion, economics, has been so overwhelming,” she explained. “It’s really something to see the people coming together like this. I keep getting texts from so many people asking how they can help. This support has spread worldwide and transcends all nationalities.”


Seber said anyone wishing to donate to Ukraine should call the Township of Little Falls at (973) 256-0170 to find out what items are currently needed for aid. In addition, you can call the Ukrainian Cultural Center at (973) 585-7175, or contact local Ukrainian churches to see what items can be donated.





Photo courtesy of the Township of Little Falls


Pictured (from left) is Mayor James Damiano, local resident Dan Gulak, Fire Chief Ken Cichy and Councilwoman Tanya Seber during a donation from the Little Fall Fire Department to Ukraine.



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