Little Falls Honors Holiday House Decorating Contest Winners

By Tina Pappas


The Imperatrice family receives the second place award for the Light Up Little Falls contest from Councilwoman Tanya Seber.

The winners of the Light Up Little Falls Holiday House Decorating Contest were honored at the Township Council Meeting on Dec. 20. Councilwoman Tanya Seber presented prizes to first, second, and third place winners. 

The voting began in early December. The Township provided a lawn sign to be displayed at participating residences and distributed a map listing their locations, according to Seber. All Little Falls residents were encouraged to view the map and tour the township. Votes were then cast for the “Holiday Spirit Champion” by emailing Tyler Passero, Assistant Recreation Director of the Little Falls Recreation Department. The voting ended on Dec. 19.

The first place winners are Tammy and Giulio Bagnuolo. The second place winners are Cori and Chris Imperatrice. The third place winners are Janis and Mike O’Neil.

Giulio Bagnuolo said it’s something he does every year with his wife Tammy.

“It’s just something we do each season and the kids love it too,” he said “They push you to do it and it just makes us happy.”

Chris Imperatrice also commented and said winning second place was a pleasant surprise.

“We were very excited to enter the contest when it became available,” he explained, adding that his young daughter had seen a lighted Christmas arch she liked so much that he purchased it to place over their walkway in front of their house.

“I think that the arch was a deciding factor in winning a top spot because everyone was commenting on how nice it looked,” Imperatrice further explained. 

He also said he and his family enjoyed driving around the neighborhood to see other brightly lit homes, including

The O’Neil family receives the third place award for the Light Up Little Falls contest from Councilwoman Tanya Seber.

some of his neighbors who got into the spirit and entered the competition.

“We were happy that the town decided to do it and we look forward to doing it again next year,” he added.

Seber congratulated all the winners of the contest.

“Thank you to all the families who voted and enjoyed the Little Falls spirit!” she said.

She added that she wanted Light Up Little Falls to be about spending time with family and loved ones, and getting out to the community to enjoy the holiday season.

“It has always been one of my highlights, along with Councilwoman Christine Hablitz, to bring new and exciting events to town,” she explained. “We encouraged residents to use our interactive map, plan a route, grab some hot chocolate, and check out how beautiful our town is. With so much heaviness out there, it was important to bring more love and light to our community.”



Photo courtesy of The Township of Little Falls


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