Little Falls Mayor Damiano Reaches Out to Seniors Amid Coronavirus Crisis

By Tina Pappas

Little Falls Mayor James Damiano has reached out to the senior community through a letter that was mailed, posted on social media, and even hand-delivered to residential homes by members of the Little Falls Police Department. The goal was to see if anyone is in need of assistance amid the coronavirus crisis.

Damiano said he felt this population in the Township was most vulnerable and also the least likely to receive updates on social media, the town’s website and email blasts. He said he was concerned that many elderly residents might be unable to email him or someone from the town if they needed any assistance.

“I wanted to make sure they were able to have an open line of communication with me by phone in the event they needed anything,” he explained.

Damiano added he received 19 calls from people who were all in need of help after just the first day that his letter was delivered and posted.

“Amazingly, I put out a call for help on social media, and received dozens of responses within minutes,” he further added. ” All of the seniors who called and asked for help were paired with someone willing to help. It never ceases to amaze me how this community pulls together in a time of need. I love this town and I’m happy to call it home.”

In his letter, Damiano informs seniors that he wants to ensure their safety and that they have enough food to sustain themselves during these times. He also assures them that there have been countless residents reaching out to him to offer their help and support during this pandemic by picking up groceries, cooking a meal or doing other tasks in order to assist anyone who may need help.

Damiano also informs them there are several programs available in the Township, which provide assistance with food, deliveries, or small meals if there is a need. He also reassured that anyone who is in need of assistance and requests to remain anonymous, will have their request honored. He advises anyone who may require assistance to contact him directly and he would do his best to accommodate any requests.

“There is no shame in asking for help, and that’s what residents of Little Falls do. We help each other when needed,” he said. “Stay safe! We will get through this together!”

If anyone requires assistance, Damiano asks that you contact him (973) 818-1790 or via email at and he will do his best to accommodate any requests.


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