Little Falls Receives Streetscape Grant For Downtown Improvements

By Tina Pappas


The Township received the latest in a series of New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) grants designated to improve the downtown area. Mayor James Damiano said the recent “streetscape” grant award is in the amount of $540,000 this year and will go towards the section of Main Street and Paterson Avenue, through to Center Avenue. 

The addition of curbs, sidewalks and lighting are improvements expected for the downtown area, Damiano said. The goal is to make the upgrades to the entire town, but with a focus on the downtown area.

“This is our third streetscape grant that we received in a row,” he explained. “This will now allow us to complete the streetscape improvements.”

According to Damiano, the two prior grants received by the Township for redevelopment were awarded in 2018 and 2019. That construction phase is slated to begin this summer. The recent grant just received in 2020 will go towards the phase of construction beginning in the fall of 2021.

“I am thrilled that the Little Falls Town Center beautification project will help bring much needed curb appeal back to Little Falls and now it will be well underway with the addition of this new grant,” he added.

Councilman Al Kahwaty said the award of the recent grant is an accomplishment for the Township that is two-fold.

“Two very important things happened. First, we took another step in our downtown area with the facelift it needs,” Kahwaty said. “And secondly, we were able to have this grant money pay for it.”

Council President Anthony Sgobba also commented on the grant and said, “This is a fine example of how Mayor Damiano and the Township Council are taking advantage of the state grant money that the state makes available.”


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