Livingston Entrepreneur Pens Children’s Book

By: Evan Wechman


Many Livingston residents might not recognize their neighbor Barry Farber when they pass him on the street. However, Farber is a best-selling author, sales trainer, and a radio show host among other things. This serial entrepreneur who has been living in Livingston for about 25 years started his career going business to business selling copiers. He did not know at the time he would be writing a children’s book in the future. 


In the book titled “The Adventures of Little Billy in Search of The Magic Tree,” Farber made incredible strides in sharing the lessons to success in life through various animals. The main character, Billy, while interacting with colorful characters such as Bosco the Bear is exposed to positive character traits. 


Such traits served Farber well in his professional career helping businesses acquire sales and keeping customers happy. This gave the Livingston author a strong desire to share his teachings to children in an engaging and thoughtful manner. 


During the process of creating the book, Farber wanted to incorporate attributes into animals so he would not come across as “preaching ” to the children. Rather, he wanted to be more “subtle” and have his readers grow close to the animals and learn the lessons in a fun way. 


Farber has noted the adventure which Little Billy undertakes to find the magic tree is often compared to the classic story of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.”  Such high compliments have helped make Farber’s children’s book debut a success. 


 Farber’s desire to enrich learning for himself and others can be traced back to a class called “Learning Techniques” he took at County College of Morris which studied the best ways for the mind to work. He was so fascinated by the class that he committed himself to learning many different subjects and helping as many people as possible.   Even when he was just selling copiers as a young adult, he made sure to learn about the mechanics of the machines and followed up with his clients even on nights and weekends.  “I love to help people,” said Farber. 


Despite such humble beginnings, Farber absorbed himself in helping others learn how to succeed in business because “the most important thing in the world is that what you are selling has value.”    


Farber believes he has brought value to the children and parents who read his book.  Though he admits he was not a frequent reader as a child, it is something he has undertaken and wants kids to be exposed to as well.  “I do know that reading to a child can do amazing things and a child’s imagination comes alive when they are exposed to engaging books,” Farber says.  


Since “The Adventures of Little Billy” has had so much success in reaching students, it is in the process of being adapted into a television series where it can reach a wider audience who can learn from the lessons of the book. The author is also touched that many teachers are reading these books with children who have learning disabilities because the animals are so relatable.  Readers learn to be courageous, look on the inside of people, and many more valuable teachings. 


Signed copies of the book are available at the Ritz Diner in Livingston and The Original Pancake House in Caldwell.  Through word of mouth, the list of places to find a copy is growing. Interested people can also go to and to find out more about the book and order a signed copy.


One of the great lessons in Farber’s book is about never giving up on your goals and he wants children to know they can achieve great things if they are determined.   A verse from the book sums this up as Little Billy was told “never give up on a dream that could be, and you shall reach the magic tree.”


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