Livingston Jr. Lancer Lacrosse Back For 20th Season

Livingston Jr. Lancer Lacrosse is back for its 20th year of operations with the country’s most-exciting and fastest-growing youth sport, fielding both boys and girls teams. Lacrosse requires all of the mental and athletic skills developed in soccer, football, basketball and baseball/softball. The game is fast teamwork and it is always moving. We have built a fantastic and disciplined program that is fun and builds strong friendships on and off the field.
Beginning in kindergarten, the Super Scoopers program gets sticks in young hands early, teaching the fundamentals of scooping, cradling, throwing, and catching, “and we make it fun.”
Many of the Livingston Jr. Lancer Lacrosse program graduates who play at the high school level come back to coach the Super Scoopers program, adding to the rich culture of Livingston Lacrosse.
In elementary school, younger players play in an in-town league as they continue to learn the fundamentals of the game. By fourth and fifth grade, the program develops agile, skilled and intelligent athletes as the team travels to play other local towns.
By middle school, some serious athletes are developed, as the program boasts a decent track record of helping kids reach the highest levels of play.
Players have traditionally joined Livingston Lacrosse at all ages/grades, with some joining as late as seventh/eighth grade and gone on to successful full-scholarship careers at some top-ranked schools. For those unfamiliar with lacrosse, stop to watch. For many participant families, Livingston Jr. Lancer Lacrosse becomes a significant feature of their spring lifestyles. Find out what all of the excitement is about by visiting or ask questions at

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