Livingston Library Warns Of Questionable Eclipse Glasses

Some eclipse glasses distributed by the Livingston Public Library have questionable safety verification and should not be used to view the solar eclipse, the library has announced.

The library was notified by Amazon that some of the glasses were purchased from a non-reputable source, and cannot be guaranteed effective to view the eclipse safely.

Since safety cannot be guaranteed, anyone who has glasses obtained from the library between Aug. 10 and Aug. 13 should not use them to look at the eclipse, according to a statement from the library.

The majority of eclipse glassed are not subject to the restriction.  The good ones are identifiable because they have “August 21, 2017” printed across the bridge of the nose, and include the words: “STARnet,” and “MOORE” and “NCIL” printed on the sides.  These glasses were distributed prior to Aug. 10, and will also be distributed on Aug. 21, during the library’s eclipse event.

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