Livingston Resident Nominated for College Television Award

By: Megan Roche


Emma Giulianti had a dream. It all started in the halls of Livingston High School when she signed up to take TV class. After being a member of LHS’ AM Wired morning show, Giulianti knew this was the career path for her. Giulianti, who is currently living in Los Angeles, is a senior at Emerson College in Boston, MA. She was nominated for a College Television Award for her work as an Executive Producer of the EVVY Awards.


The love for television started innocently enough in the halls of Livingston High School. Giulianti credits her love for the art of television production to LHS teachers, Steve Milano and Jason Daily. Through her experience at AM Wired, Giulianti knew that she was destined for some sort of career in television. 


“TV was what I wanted to do because of my experience at Livingston High School. I was a part of AM Wired during my junior year and I was a teacher assistant during my senior year. Mr. Milano and Mr. Daily, I cannot say better things about the two of them and the Television program. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate them. They are both the reason why I decided to go to Emerson and pursue a career in Television,” Giulianti said. 


The EVVYs, Emerson College’s annual arts award show, is the largest student run awards show in the nation. They have two faculty advisors but that is all. There are four executive producers; technical (Giulianti’s role), logistics, creative content, and creative aesthetics, who oversee all those different departments. Giulianti was hired on as the technical producer during the spring semester of her sophomore year in May 2018. The entire show takes roughly a year to plan.


“Over 300 students are working on this show. It starts the moment that they EVVY’s from the prior year are over. From May to May, over the summer we were doing hiring, we were creating our lookbook. We really hit the ground running when school started in the fall and then we had our EVVY’s in May of 2019,” Giulianti said. 


During the EVVY’s, awards are given out to all different departments at the college. There are marketing awards, writing awards, communication awards, journalism awards, film awards, theater awards, television awards, makeup awards, special effects awards, really anything that Emerson has to offer. Other organizations can also submit their content as well. 


“It’s not just the award show, we do a lot of events throughout the year too. We did a blood drive, because we want to raise money and awareness. People will also submit their own original content and we have a logistics team who will judge the content. Everything is done within an online platform. All the work leads up to the big night of the EVVY Awards in May that include performances, an original opening number, a dinner, talent, hosts. It’s really an incredible evening,” Giulianti recalled. 


And for Giulianti, producing the EVVYs was a dream since she first set foot on campus. She is also insanely proud of the fact that the EVVY’s executive producer team was the first all female team in 16 years. 


“We were the first all women producing team in the last 16 years. We also had the most women in high positions in any EVVY’s before. Especially on the technical side, many of the positions are usually filled by males. It was really cool and it made me really proud to have that opportunity.” Giulianti said. 


Currently living in Los Angeles, Giulianti is interning with NBC and the Conan O’Brien Show. Looking forward to the future, ultimate career goals for Giulianti include being a producer of a television show. She plans to take what she learned from producing the EVVY’s into wherever her career takes her. 


“Being a producer on the EVVY’s taught me that I can ask for help and rely on people. I am a perfectionist. I also learned about the importance of figuring out creative ways to find a solution and to deal with conflict in a positive way. It really gave me the hands on look at what producing a live show actually means and feels like. Of course there were times that were really stressful, but out of that came so much learning and positivity,” Giulianti said. 


The College Television Awards were held on May 30 in Los Angeles. 

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