Local Family Publishes First Book

By Steve Sears

Rhythmic Rhymes, a book of poetic rhymes, art and photos courtesy of a combined effort of Sanjna S. Katyal and her sons, Sarthak and Aayush, was published in September 2019.

“The purpose of Rhythmic Rhymes,” says Katyal, “is to publish a book for students and by the students that inculcates a sense of appreciation for nature along with simple rhythmic words. Nature has played a tremendous role in the creation of this book. The underlying purpose was that,  since we had in the summer of 2019 decided to bring the manuscript and artwork together in formation of a book, we wanted to be consistent in our commitment to finish our work. The most important purpose of writing Rhythmic Rhymes was to seek a feeling of accomplishment to finish what we started in a well- defines spectrum of thoughts. It was not easy, but it was not impossible either.”

Rhythmic Rhymes, which is targeted to children in grades 1 and 2,  is published by Xlibris and it is a self-published poetry book. It is available online through Amazon.

Katyal started composing poetry at the age of 10. Sarthak, a senior at Denville’s Morris Catholic High School, contributed to the editing and the artwork in the book, and Aayush (a middle school student at Holy Spirit School in Pequannock) helped take the photographs which were taken from different parts of the world where he traveled with his family. “However,” says Katyal, “there were times that hours were spent in different parts of the seasons to take these photographs.”

Katyal is eager to mention that the book had well-deserved support from her spouse, Arjun, and her parents, Gp Capt. Sehgal and Mrs. Prabha  Sehgal, “who have been the propeller to bring this work to its completion. Their constant motivation and encouragement have offered being the pillar of support.”

The process of planning and outlining and editing to a finished product took about a year. “In its evolutionary stage,” says Katyal, “only a raw manuscript was available by itself.” The manuscript was created by Katyal, and then her children got involved. Sarthak’s artwork was compiled, and Aayush, using his passion for photography, identified the photographs that would complement his mom’s poems. After this, the publisher was contacted.

Rhythmic Rhymes,” says Katyal, “is important to its readers because it helps appreciate nature in the power of words. Its creativity is well nourished in its content and its relevance is well contained in its simplicity. The traditional poems I learnt in my childhood which are being taught today I felt was bringing monotony to an academic curriculum. A differentiator only in terms of representing the similar facts differently I thought will be reflective of being a change agent to the traditional academia. It is always simple to follow the same, but it takes innovative ideas to create a differentiator.”

Katyal also values that the involvement of she and her children, and perseverance, are great teachers. “Having published Rhythmic Rhymes, as I reflect back, I must share that teamwork can create wonders. Motivation is essential because it enables to perform, but most important is doing the hard work to accomplish a goal which is time driven. Never give up and keep working hard to meet the end result even if it amounts to falling ample times after you run. There is just no substitute for hard work, and being hopeful is essential, as also is essential to feel blessed as being grateful every day.”

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