Mayor Wraps Up Year With Some Stories Of Giving

At this time of year I would be remiss if I failed to reflect on some of the moments which I thought make Mt. Olive a great community.  I would like to share a few stories about the gift of giving in our community.

A resident called my office and sought help to have her leaves picked up on her relatively large lawn.  Not having the resources to undertake this task, I posted her request on my Facebook page.  Instantly I received a response.  Mike Koroski and his sons arranged to rake over 40 bags of leaves for the woman.  When they were done, the resident asked what she could do to repay Mike and his family.  Mike responded, “nothing it’s my pleasure, I’m here to help.  I want to teach my boys the gift of giving.”

The woman didn’t know what to do to show her appreciation. She wanted him to be recognized throughout the community. Mike, being the humble gentleman, said “a simple thank you will be more than sufficient.”

I’ve been told that he and his family have now adopted the resident as part of their family and the boys are already preparing for them to have dinner with her.

Another family in town who appreciates how much they truly have, wanted to give back to the families who are in need as well as those residents who are alone for the holidays.  They arranged to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Senior Center. Welcoming all, they expressed their desire that no one should be turned away, no one should ever go hungry nor be alone for the holidays.

That family was the Nicastros, led by Council President Joe Nicastro and his wife Mary Lalama.  Seeking help to accomplish the holiday dinner, they reached out to the local restaurants.  Ralph from Longhorn and Branda’s stepped up, as they always do, both of whom helped prepare 45 Thanksgiving meals as their further contribution to our community.

Ralph and his staff at Longhorn  ITC for the past several years have provided holiday gifts for the children of numerous families in need at Christmas time.

These people that I have mentioned are some of the best of Mt. Olive.  Their kindness and sense of community must be recognized and applauded.

These are just several of the stories of acts of kindness in Mt. Olive this year.  I felt the need to acknowledge their selfless acts this holiday season.

From mine to yours, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. May the new year bring you all that life can offer.


Rob Greenbaum

Mayor of Mt. Olive Township

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