MCVTS Student, Sarah Tubbs, Initiates Messages of Joy

By: Cathy Mohrle

Sarah Tubbs, a sophomore at Morris County School of Technology in Denville, is a volunteer at the Care One of Morris senior residential facility. A week before school closed, Sarah visited Care One to interview people for her podcast project in English class.  Upon hearing the news that the facility was ordered to close, Sarah was devastated.  She knew those seniors thrive on visits from friends and family.  Sarah jumped into action and came up with a solution.  She reached out to her friends and peers in the Academy for Education and Learning (a program for future educators) to ask if they would be willing to write letters and start a “pen pal” program.  Fifty students responded to Sarah’s request and messages were sent via email which were printed out and distributed to residents. Sarah shared, “I received five different calls from employees I know telling me how thankful the residents were to get the letters and many came close to tears. I honestly wish there was more I could do but my pen pal, Martha, wrote back to me: ‘Life gave you lemons, you made lemonade. Just make sure you get the credit you deserve because the only way to squeeze a lemon is through hard work’. I think it is an interesting phrase but I think it kinda sums up how most of the community is coming together through this crazy experience we’re all sharing.”

During a time with so much uncertainty, Sarah and her peers were able to  spread joy. These gestures speak volumes about the type of students we have at MCST.   Please visit for more information on our programs.


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