Memorial House System 

On the final day of the Week of Respect, Memorial Middle School in Woodland Park kicked off this year’s “House System,” by having all staff and students wear their house t-shirts.

Consisting of four houses, each represents a character trait that the school supports and instills in all students and staff: earth – trustworthy, wind – respect, fire – responsibility and water – caring.

The system was implemented last year with a goal of improving the school’s culture and to give every student, teacher, and staff member a place to belong. Houses promote positive relationships with teachers and peers. House assignment is purposefully random so students work with and get to know kids outside of their normal social circles. This promotes a sense of belonging and connection at school.

Having others to turn to helps each student feel that the school is a place where they can get help if they need it. Members of each house work together as a team to compete in academics, school spirit, good citizenship, community service, field day, and a number of other things that come up at school that we can use as constructive competition. The friendly rivalry builds a healthy community spirit where friendships are strengthened and school becomes a place where everyone feels connected.

House events will take place throughout the school year. Each house will earn and accumulate points towards a final reward.​


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