Memorial School House Sorting


Memorial Middle School students in Woodland Park recently participated in the first ever House Sorting Ceremony.

All students at Memorial School are sorted into four houses: earth, wind, fire, and water. Each house represents a character trait is instilled in the students and staff each and every day: earth – trustworthy, wind – respect, fire – responsibility, and water – caring.

The goal of the House System is aimed to build a positive culture and provide everyone with a place to belong. The House assignment process is random in order to ensure that each student is provided with opportunities to work and socialize with others outside of typical social circles. This promotes a sense of belonging and connection at school.

The sixth graders, as well as students new to the school, were individually called to the front table and instructed to blindly select a colored gem, each color representative of one of the four houses. After all students were sorted, the students took part in their first challenges: which team cheered the loudest and tug of war. 


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