Millburn Public Library Hosts TechnoParenting Coach

The Millburn Municipal Alliance invites community members to its ongoing series for parents, Empower Hour, with an important program: Too Much Technology is Making Parenting Really Stressful! The program will take place on Mon., May 1 at 11 a.m. at Millburn Public Library. All are invited to hear Nancy Kislin, Family Psychotherapist and Parenting Coach, discuss parenting kids of all ages in the era of ever-present technology.

TechnoParenting is characterized as the stress and parenting challenges in the era of social media, cellphone addiction and binge-watching. This new landscape demands that we parent in a positive, active and directive style. Do you know what your children are doing on their phones? Are they following YouTube “stars,” being exposed to SnapChat images, addicted to Netflix or maybe even making and watching racy videos on

Our kids’ preoccupation, reliance, and even obsession with their technology may be permanently altering their brains, and decreasing the development of skills necessary for self- control and impulse control. This trend unfortunately often leads to an increase in anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors. Strategies to change this will be discussed.

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