Millburn Students Honor Veterans With Drive, Luncheon And Flag Wall

By J. L. Shively

In recognition of Veteran’s day, Fri., Nov. 11, students at Millburn High School found a way to express their gratitude to the men and women in the service both past and present.

William Miron, school principal, notes various activities that had been planned to honor veterans and help students understand the sacrifice of service.

From Thurs., Nov. 3 to Wed., Nov. 9, the school held a Veterans Goods and Supplies Drive to help collected necessary and fun items soldiers may be going without while on a tour of duty.

Items collected included books, games and toiletries, notes Miron.

A second activity held at the high school was titled Wearing Hats for Heroes and Jeans for GI’s, which was held on Tues., Nov. 8.

Students, who had paid one dollar were allowed to wear a hat for the day while faculty who donated five dollars were given permission to wear jeans for the entire school day.  The wearing of hats and jeans is usually not allowed and so added a touch of whimsy and fun to this collection.

MHS was also home to a Veteran’s luncheon on Tues., Nov. 8

The last and most interactive activity was a flag wall, which consisted of individual colored notes which were arranged by red, white and blue color, into the shape of an American flag.

One these small paper notes students were asked to write the name of a veteran they know or have heard of during the homeroom session.  Before homeroom, students had been asked to question their parents about any veterans who were/are friends and family members.

Each piece of colored paper that forms the flag on the wall has the name of someone who served their country and students were asked to look at the flag with respect and thank these many and sometimes faceless veterans for their unfaltering service.

In supporting these activities as a group, the students at Millburn were able to unite in their support for those who served America in times of war and in times of peace all throughout the years.

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