Morris County Clerk Hopes to Ease Vote by Mail Fears


By: Megan Roche


2020 has been a year that has been completely out of the ordinary. With COVID-19 and social distancing rules still in effect for many places, voting in the 2020 Presidential election is going to look a bit different. Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi is hoping to ease the voting fears and reassure Morris County residents that their votes will count.


“We’re getting a lot of calls from people who don’t trust the system. I try to encourage them and remind them that this is the only option we have right now. Please don’t ignore the election, it’s important for everybody to vote. I want to calm the fears and the best way to do it is to provide as much information as I can and that’s what I’ve been trying to do,” Grossi says.


Grossi filmed a video, found on YouTube by searching ‘Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explains the Vote by Mail Process’ ( that easily explains the process of Vote by Mail. Grossi walks viewers through the process of receiving their ballot in the mail, how to properly cast the ballot, as well as the steps to properly packaging and returning the ballot.


When it comes to returning the ballot, there are many ways to do so. Currently, there are ballot boxes strategically placed around the county. Grossi’s website has the most up to date locations on where each ballot return box is located. Voters can also use the US Postal Service (ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 3) or visit your polling location to drop your paper ballot in a secure ballot box on Election Day (Nov. 3).


“Voting is one of the most important rights that we have. By not voting, you are letting other people control your destiny. I know that voting by mail is not an ideal way to do it for a majority of people, but not voting shouldn’t be an option. By not voting, you are not going to be heard. Fill the ballot out and send it in as early as you feel comfortable doing,” Grossi said.


According to Grossi, all ballots should be received in Morris County by the 15th of October. If your ballot has not shown up by that point, call the clerk’s office right away and inform them and they will send you a duplicate ballot.


Don’t think your vote is secure? Grossi explained the process this is currently in place for picking up the ballots at the ballot boxes around the county each night.


“The Board of Elections, which is responsible for picking up those ballot boxes, is going to be sending out a Morris County Sherriff’s Officer, along with one member of the Republican Party and one member of the Democratic Party. Each day, that team will go to the drop boxes and empty out the contents of the drop boxes and bring them back to the Board of Elections,” Grossi explained.

Grossi urges anyone with questions, big or small, to reach out to her and her team at the Morris County Clerk’s Office at (973) 285-6066. Grossi also updates her website and Facebook page daily as new information comes out about Vote by Mail. Check out for all the up to date information.

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