MOSD Principals Share Secrets of Success

By: Collin Berg


Mount Olive is a wonderful place to raise children. An important part of that is the strong public schools in the Mount Olive School District (MOSD). You probably know all about the Marauder Dome and the new stadium seating, but did you know that Mount Olive has been ranked many times as some of the top schools in New Jersey over the years? Much of the credit for these accolades can be given to the principals of the schools.


The principals around the district work tirelessly to help their respective schools. They all do this a little bit differently, but they all have one goal in mind: to make the students and staff the best they can be and push everyone

Nicole Musarra

to do what they are capable of as students, educators, and staff. These humble leaders often attribute their success to those same students, educators, and staff!


Nicole Musarra, principal at Chester M. Stephens School (CMS), has been working in the district for 11 years. Prior to the role she has now she worked as an Instructional Supervisor at Tinc. She explained that the thing she loves about Mount Olive is that they have innovative thinkers who really prepare the children for challenges they will face in the future. 

Scott Lipson


The Principal of Tinc Road Elementary School, Scott Lipson, has been working in the district

for 4 years. When asked about what he loved about working in the MOSD, he provided an answer similar to Musarra: “I like how dedicated and hard-working all of the students and staff are in MO. They all continue to challenge themselves and try to be the best they can be.” 


James Kramer

James Kramer, principal of Mount Olive Middle School, former vice-principal of Mount Olive High School, and also a local, said that his middle school students are his favorite part of the day. He said, “I am in this for the kids. I enjoy academics, sports and all the things that go with school but I love working with kids.  When you are in middle school you haven’t decided you “hate” anything yet.  Your mind is open to trying and enjoying school and life. There is always a positive energy when working with kids in middle school.”


However, it is not all work and no play for the MOSD principals. They also love the community surrounding, including the great eats! Kramer said that his favorite MO treat is a slice of pizza from Branda’s. Kevin Moore, the Mount Olive High School principal (MOHS) also said, “I think behind the scenes,

Kevin Moore

our admin team and support staff like to have fun and laugh. Despite the stressors of the job and the to-do lists that seem to never end, we really enjoy each other’s company and have developed a good chemistry as a team.” 


Both Musarra and Lipson noted that it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make a school run smoothly. Musarra shared that there is thought and preparation into every single decision she and her staff make. It is clear that the district principals are the backbone of their respective schools!


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