Mount Olive Fifth Grader Donates Toward Food Pantry

Mount Olive Fifth Grader Donates Toward Food Pantry


Thea started by making a few colorful posters, promoting the Mount Olive Food Pantry, which we then shared with friends and family through text or Facebook. Our friends and family very generously donated to our plan, that we wanted to keep the food pantry well stocked in all of the food staples that bring comfort to our family, and that we couldn’t imagine going without. We thought it would nice to make sure other families had those staples as well.
We were able to do that, plus so much more!

Thea delivered 615 pounds of food to the Mount Olive Food Pantry.

We were able to donate 43 lbs of Fresh Meat, 75 lbs of Peanut Butter, 84 lbs of Jelly, 126 lbs of Spaghetti Sauce, 60 lbs of Spaghetti, 56 lbs of Ravioli, 41 lbs of Mac and Cheese, 30 lbs of Mashed Potatoes, 10 Gallons of Oil & Vinegar, 20 lbs of Rice, 80 cans of tuna/stew/soup/coffee and 34 containers of toiletries.


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