Mount Olive High School Principal Named Director of Secondary Schools and Global Education

By Steve Sears

Kevin Stansberry, the Principal at Mount Olive High School for 17 years, will soon depart for a new home.

Stansberry has been named Director of Secondary Schools and Global Education in the Mount Olive School district. He takes over for Gretel Perez, who departs for a new position in Plainfield.

 “Dr. Perez is an outstanding educational leader who really was dedicated to promoting S.T.E.A.M. while seeking opportunities for students to apply their acquired  understandings in relevant experiences,” says Stansberry regarding the outgoing Director. Stansberry has been continuing in his role as principal while the district conducts the search process.  At the same time, he is transitioning to his newly approved post, acclimating to his new responsibilities.

“The Director of Secondary Schools and Global Education,” explains Stansberry, “is responsible for curricular and instructional supports for the high school and the middle school, continued advocating for “hands-on, minds-on” student- centered learning experiences, facilitating vertical articulation between the teaching staff in both buildings, providing mentoring and guidance for our high school and middle administrative teams, continuing current educational programming and monitoring the implementation of initiatives and their respective outcomes, and overseeing Mount Olive Township School District’s international education programs and partnerships.”

Even though he is excited about his new role, he admits it’s tough to leave the school and the folks he currently works and has worked so closely with. “There is no doubt that leaving this post comes with mixed emotions. I have had the privilege and honor to serve as the principal of Mount Olive High School for 17 school years. I work with an incredible instructional and support staff and our students our simply tremendous. I will continue to serve the students and staff of the Mount Olive Township School District, just in a new capacity. I am grateful to the entire community for their support and engagement with our high school’s curricular, co-curricular, and climate and culture refinement.  It has been a fascinating transformation!” He is also proud of heights attained while he worked in the head seat. “I am extremely proud of Mount Olive High School’s transformation during my tenure as principal. We have recognized at so many levels for both student and teacher accolades and achievement. Our learning community has provided preeminent college and career readiness programs, student activities, facilities, and technologies that have resulted in amazing journeys of self-discovery and exploration for our students. I also realize that Mount Olive High School has unlimited potential, and I am looking forward to leading our secondary school programs continued progress, providing world-class learning.”

As he moves on, Stansberry is quick to recognize some special folks. “I want to also thank the Board of Education and our fortunate cycle of leadership in Central Office (Mark Mongon, Anthony Gonella, Dr. Rosalie Lamonte, Dr. Larry  Reynolds, and Dr. Robert Zywicki) for having confidence in my abilities to lead and guide Mount Olive High School students and staff to trust, care, and commit to excellence in every endeavor. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the invaluable contributions to our learning community made by Mrs. Christine Nelson, my Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Nelson plays an integral role in Mount Olive High School’s operation and successes we have enjoyed during the past twelve years. Mount Olive High School is in a magnificent position because of her.”

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