MPAC Earns Environmental Designation    

Mayo Performing Arts Center has been selected as one of eight Northeast WasteWater Regional award winners by the Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA awards select WasteWise partners for their exemplary waste prevention and diversion activities. Partner awards are based on self-reported data in the categories of waste prevention, recycling and disposal.

Mayo Performing Arts Center (MPAC) created its Sustainability Plan in consultation with Sustainable Jersey, Sustainable Morristown, and The Dodge Foundation. The arts center joined WasteWise in 2017 and has since done a more comprehensive tracking of its managed waste. MPAC partners on a regular basis with The Town of Morristown Recycling Center, as well as the Town of Morristown, for advice and procedures.

In 2018, the arts center diverted ten tons of waste from the landfill. The center worked with the Morris County Recycling Center to recycle its lumber and concrete from construction projects, along with its used fluorescent bulbs and batteries. It donated two tons of used electronics, computers, and telephones to the Morristown Recycling Center. MPAC estimates a savings of $25,000 as a result of these diversion activities. The arts center paid less fees to its waste hauler and due to easier recycling procedures compared to taking waste to the dumpster, also paid less to its cleaning staff. In addition, MPAC also purchased items that included a total of 3.2 tons of recycled content, further reducing its environmental footprint.

During 2018, MPAC met many of its goals to create not only a more attractive facility, but also to solidify its position at the forefront of sustainability within arts and entertainment venues. MPAC’s sustainability mission statement includes not only waste reduction and recycling efforts, but also usage of low toxicity products, energy efficient lighting, LEED certified cleaning materials, and other biodegradable products.

MPAC would like to be a leading example for the Town of Morristown to educate, enlighten, and encourage all businesses to develop a sustainable business strategic plan that will benefit generations to come.


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