Netcong Elementary School Students Take Part In Character Ed Program With Yo Yos

On Wed., Oct. 5, students in grades kindergarten through sixth attended a school assembly where The NED Show was presented. The NED Show is a character education program that inspires students to become champions in school and in life. The acronym, NED, stands for “Never give up, Do your best, and Encourage others.”

The NED Show is presented at schools free of charge via a pay it forward payment option. This option requires the school to sell “NED” Yo-yos for five days after the assembly. When families choose to purchase items from that sale, they are not only getting a classic yo-yo with the NED message on it, but they’re also helping send The NED Show assembly to the next school. To date, students at Netcong have raised $1,025 in yo-yo sales which goes directly back to The NED Show. The proceeds from the yo-yo sale helps other schools have The NED Show assembly at their school free of charge.

“I am impressed at the overwhelming response we received with the yo-yo sale,” said Mrs. Kathleen Walsh, assistant principal. “I have had a steady stream of students and parents coming in to the school to purchase yo-yos after the NED show performance. I am happy that the students enjoyed the message that was imparted during the assembly and that the message will continue to be seen throughout our school as students learn new yo-yo tricks and perfect their yo-yoing talents.”

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