Netcong Students Collect Pajamas And Spread Kindness

Kim Arbolino, fourth grade Teacher at Netcong Elementary School, started a kindness initiative with her students. The class has been busy spreading the Kindness for Christopher message, Kindness, this school year. Kindness for Christopher was started by the D’Amico family of Mt. Arlington.  Their son, Christopher, was in and accident in June 2015 on Lake Hopatcong and lost his life.  The family started this movement to carry on his memory in a positive way.  Along with the Kindness for Christopher movement, the D’Amico family also started the Kindness for Christopher Pajama Drive because Christopher loved to wear his pajamas all the time.

The Netcong School fourth graders recently organized and ran the Kindness For Christopher Pajama Drive at Netcong Elementary School from November through Dec. 13.  At the Netcong Some of the students attended the school board meeting and shared their involvement in The Kindness for Christopher movement.  The students collected several bags full of pajama sets for needy families. The D’Amico family attended this meeting as well and the students gave them all of the pajamas they had collected which will all be donated to various hospitals, shelters, and orphanages.

The children were honored to meet the D’Amico’s.

Fourth grader Gianna Santana said “Being a part of The Kindness for Christopher movement makes me feel happy because we are helping others.  Meeting the D’Amico family was special to me because they really made me see how important kindness is.”

Each 4th grader distributed kindness rocks to the board of education, in hopes that they will continue the Kindness for Christopher initiative.

Arbolino said “My students have truly embraced the“Kindness for Christopher message.  Their devotion and enthusiasm is admirable and I am certain they will continue spreading kindness far beyond this school year.”

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