New Book Offers Insight And Life Changing Advice For Fathers

Just in time for father’s day, dads can appreciate a new book “Father’s Say,” written by two authors.
Men who have abdicated their role as fathers are the single greatest problem in society today. But fathers who speak of encouragement and love to their children, mixed in with some common sense, sow into their children’s hearts and minds the necessary ingredients for reaping healthy identities and self-images that propel them toward success in life.
Wayne resident Joe Pellegrino joins in with author Joe Battaglia to complete their new book, “Father’s Say,” published May 16 by BroadStreet Publishing. In their 192-page hardcover book, Pellegrino and Battaglia share moving stories and life lessons from men and women who testify to the power of a father’s influence.
Readers will learn the qualities of being a good dad; what happens to a society that lacks fathers or strong male leadership; the importance of forgiveness toward others, especially the absent or abusive father; powerful and practical truths that help men answer the question, “How do I become that dad?”
“Fathers Say” beautifully demonstrates the power of a father’s words, and the difference they make not only in families, but society, as well.
“In “Fathers Say,” Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino have brilliantly woven together keen Biblical insights and wise nuggets of life-changing advice from a variety of fathers who have inspired their now well-known daughters and sons on their roads to success,” says Rita Cosby, Emmy-winning TV host and best-selling author.
Battaglia of Oakland is a broadcaster, author of “The Politically Incorrect Jesus,” “That’s My Dad!” and president of Renaissance Communications, a company whose mission is to provide media platforms for gifted communicators of biblical truth. Battaglia is also an executive producer and general manager of “Keep the Faith,” the number one faith-based radio program in the country with a weekly audience of more than two million. Battaglia and his wife, LuAnn, have been married for 35 years and have one daughter.
Pellegrino is an author of several books such as “Safe at Home,” “That’s My Dad!” and “Transformed;” a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. He is president and founder of Legacy Minded Men, whose mission is to “transform lives by engaging, encouraging and equipping men to build a Christ centered legacy.” Pellegrino has also developed and presents several workshops and seminars, including “Standing in the Gap,” “Not Just an Average Joe,” “The 5.5 Questions Everyone Must Answer,” and “Transformed.” Joe and his wife, Bethanne, have three children.

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