New Jersey Based Man First Bodyguard Awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award


By Steve Sears

New Jersey-based celebrity bodyguard, Adriano “Bubba” Almony, is the first in his profession to be awarded a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award as a Humanitarian honoree.

“Just to be a part of history, to be recognized on such a high, prestigious honor scale, that just shows people as well in my industry that you don’t just focus on being a bodyguard,” Almony says. “Obviously when you’re working, yes, be focused, be sharp, be proactive visually; be the best man and bodyguard you can be. But even outside of that, most importantly, be a leader. Get involved in your community, get to know people. If you have an opportunity to help children, whether it’s self-defense or mentoring, or volunteering with nonprofits in your communities, whatever it is, just be of service.”

Almony will receive his award on December 4, 2022 at the Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas. The recognition comes from President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. That afternoon, Almony will also receive special congressional recognition from Texas Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee.

Almony, 28, is originally from Hanover, Pennsylvania, and in fifth grade moved to Ocean City, Maryland, where he grew up for the vast majority of his life. A Stephen Decatur High School graduate in 2012, he thereafter headed for the Metropolitan area, and has resided in Fairfield, New Jersey the past four years. The owner of Bubba Almony Security Services, he recalls being bullied as a youngster, and suffering from abuse and neglect. He is only now truly opening up about both, and oftentimes he still faces these same challenges. “I’m learning to start to give my testimony,” Almony says. “Even as I was older, even with being an advocate for anti-bullying and for mental health, I experienced bullying as well, being I was on the frontlines with these things. A lot of people overlook that, but when you’re an advocate for something, sometimes you take on the problems head on, or you may experience your own trials and tribulations. I think it’s pretty impressive, though, if you can be a child at one point, you’re going through abuse, and then go on to be somebody who has protected some of the top names. As a respected leader in the industry, I think it just shows people that no matter what you’re going through, if it’s domestic bullying, abuse, anything toxic, you can overcome that. You can be something amazing. And without the struggle, you don’t develop strength. Sometimes we have to appreciate the struggle.” 

Almony’s bodyguard services protects a number of well known celebrities and their families, such as Dr. Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the wife of four-time heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, and her children, real estate tycoon Grant Cardone and his wife, Elena Lyons Cardone, P. Diddy’s children, and he also serves as a bodyguard at events, like the 10X Growth Conference (“the number one business event as voted by Forbes,” Almony says), and the 9/11 Memorial Commemoration in New York City.

Almony gives his definition of humanitarian. “A true humanitarian is somebody who understands most importantly over anything, money or monetary, giving your time, giving your words, just making people smile with a simple hug, handshake, or a fist bump,” he says. “Praying for others, using your voice and platform and influence – all of those amazing things. A lot of people think to be a humanitarian you have to have millions and millions of dollars to help others, but it’s just simply not true. You just have to have a passion to want to volunteer and coach and mentor, and all those are things that I’ve been able to do on a consistent, persistent basis of just being involved. That’s very important.”

Adriano “Bubba” Almony has realized many dreams in his own life, and he encourages others not to give up on theirs. “Pursue your dreams. and don’t limit your dreams – dream as big as you can. Whether you want to be the Governor, the next President, the next award-winning bodyguard, the next elite martial artist, whatever you want to be, put your head down every day and go to work. Pray and keep pushing, and put God first in your life, and anything will happen for you, anything is possible. Just remember to be the best person you can be, and never forget where you come from.”

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