New Library Mascot 

The Alfred Baumann Library has a new mascot – Syd the Snail. The Library snail is a Cornu aspersum, or more commonly known as the brown garden snail. 

Syd is 6 months old and was raised by Library Assistant, Lesli Galluzzo. Being nocturnal, snails spend much of the day sleeping. They love to eat when awake. This type of snail is an herbivore and relies on vegetables and fruits for its diet. Some favorite foods are carrots, zucchini, and basil. While they cannot hear or see very much they can detect food up to 10 feet away with its lower feelers. They move slowly using mucus and a muscular foot to explore all-around. Syd has a beautiful striped shell and loves sitting on the red bike in its tank.

Syd will be the inspiration for many programs. The Youth Services Department will be offering a monthly “Syd the Snail” storytime, monthly “Snail Mail” with an activity and fun facts about snails, blog entries featuring Syd, and video shorts on YouTube.


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