Night Of Games Held At Eisenhower Middle School To Support Boy With Brain Cancer

By Dawn M Chiossi

On Nov. 9, students and adults alike from Eisenhower Middle School in Roxbury demonstrated their empathy and compassion as they raised an impressive $1,500 for a boy with brain cancer.

Kids in the third through fifth grades learned, and adults were reminded, that this time of the year is much more than merriment and busy events: it is a time for thinking of others, and for lending a hand to those who need it.  And there was no better cause than rallying around one of their own- fourth grader, Matt Adonis.

Adonis has been struggling with pediatric medulloblastoma—a form of brain cancer.  He was diagnosed on Sept. 6, sadly, ironically, just the day before fourth grade began.

And people swarmed to help.

The sports and games fundraiser entitled “Face off with Team Matt,” was organized by Roxbury staff member Bob Capra, who also runs Camp Capra.

The event was extremely popular with approximately 25-30 kids and many more adults showing up to support Adonis. The night was filled with music, fun and games with 100 percent of the profits raised slated to go to Adonis and his family.

Games played included some of Adonis’s favorites: Capture the Flag, Guard the Pin, The Blob, and much more.

Even more impressive than the actual turnout, was the feedback that the fundraiser received. Capra is awed by the support, stating that the fundraiser was a real outpouring of emotion from the community.

“This was a real community event,” he praises. “It was just amazing to see the generosity of people; it was inspiring to see how folks just reached out to support Matt.”

Even Capra shares that when he had first heard about the fourth grader’s condition, he immediately asked how he could help.

Capra says that he has known Adonis and his whole family for approximately four years. Adonis and his twin sister attended Camp Capra.

He says that Adonis isn’t just a kid with a disease; he’s a kid underneath it all.   “He’s a great kid,“ Capra shares. “He’s funny, and loves hockey,” as he is a member of Eisenhower Middle School’s hockey team. “The whole family is a lot of fun and just a pleasure to be around.”

Since his diagnosis, Adonis has endured two surgeries as well as a rigorous eight month session of both chemotherapy and radiation.

His diagnosis has affected everyone, raising awareness both in the schools and with the other students, says Capra.

“The kids are learning and showing just how nice it is to help out someone else,” he says.

Roxbury’s spirit just keeps on giving. There are more fundraisers planned to help support Adonis. With the Team Matt Fundraising Committee, Adonis’ Roxbury Ice Hockey Team will be selling T shirts through Dec. 25 with all profits going to the Adonis family to offset medical expenses.

To purchase t-shirts go to

Additional fundraisers are already in the planning stages.

For more information, or details, contact: Roxbury Community School Community Relations Coordinator Ann Rhodes at  973-584-7699

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