Nixon School Blends Magic With Positive Lesson

A magic show wouldn’t be complete without illusions and a magic bunny being pulled from a hat. Nixon Elementary School students were treated to a special magic show with all the sleight of hand tricks along with a special message to help deal with bullies and teaching the children positive ways of handling situations and being friends to each other.

During the month of October, the Roxbury Township Public Schools reinforced its stand against drugs, bullying and violence with special activities and programs scheduled throughout the month.

Nixon’s PTA brought in Ken Northridge, a motivational speaker who blends his magic show and comedy with lessons in character education for elementary aged students.

Kim Yamaskita, a parent and member of the Nixon PTA’s Cultural Arts committee, said, “Ken’s ‘No Bully’ Magic Show illustrates to students what you can do if you’re being bullied and how bullying affects others. This magic show is to entertain the children while important lessons are being taught.”

“We hope that the children recognize what bullying is, how to deal with it, and how not to be a bully.”

The show provided students with entertaining lessons about the need for being friends, not bullies as well as identifying the differences between bullies, victims and witnesses, strategies to help the victim respond to bullies, and much more!

Principal Danielle Lynch shared her vision regarding the anti-bullying presentation by saying, “My belief is that our educational community needs to feel safe, secure and comfortable in order for teaching and learning to occur. This program supports our mission to create such a school environment where our community members feel supported, engaged, and a part of something special and important. Additionally, the program helps to reinforce the important message that bullying is not accepted in our school.”

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