Nixon Schools Receives Grant for ‘ABCs of Movement’

Roxbury Township Public Schools continuously strives to reach and meet the needs of all of its learners at all levels.

In an effort to achieve this goal, Ann Martini, a Physical Education and Health teacher at Nixon Elementary School submitted and received a grant by the New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD) for a new ABCs of Movement initiative.

This grant is to service students in grades PreK-four at Nixon School in Landing. The grant proposal targeted a group of students who bring with them a unique set of needs through their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Programming has been developed to address the social, emotional, behavioral, physical, and academic well-being of each child. To this end, the district is continually seeking ways to enhance the program.

This grant seeks to help the school foster and create new meaningful applications of the students’ Occupational and Physical Therapies in alternative settings, such as adaptive physical education, while also helping to increase student motivation to be active and in turn contribute towards an improved quality of life.

The tricycles being proposed in this grant would be beneficial to the program as a means to improve the students’ coordination and gross motor function, as well as, their strength, endurance, limb function, and mobility.

Martini shared, “Additionally, students would be able to benefit from opportunities to improve postural control while also increasing their opportunities for movement and enjoyment of an adaptive Physical Education program. Given the needs of our target audience, these weighted trikes would also provide proprioceptive input, which would help our students to increase attention, modulate behaviors, improve body awareness, and muscle tone. These trikes would not only serve as instructional equipment, but also be readily accessible to the staff and students on an as needed basis.”

“As safety is always in the forefront of the educator’s minds, the trikes being recommended are heavy duty and of superior quality with no sharp edges. The weight of the trikes serving in a therapeutic manner and will also help to prevent the tricycles from tipping over,” explained Martini.

Nixon Principal, Danielle Lynch found out on Nov. 4 that Martini was due to receive this mini-grant.

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