Opening day for the Chester-Mendham Men’s Over-30 Softbal

Opening day for the Chester-Mendham Men’s Over-30 Softball league is Sunday April 8th. Thanks to a successful league-expansion plan developed by Commissioner Matt Lombardi, 8 teams will hit 4 local fields at 9:30 am on the 8th for double-header action as follows:

Officer Joe Wilce’s Cubs face the expansion-team Brewers managed by Sal Specht at Hilltop School field
Expansion team Tigers under the leadership of new manager Peter Parrinello will challenge Mike Wright’s 21-year veteran Phillies team.
The Red Sox, under the new and youthful leadership of Paul Littman will play Sam Strum’s Cardinals
Sam Santomo’s 2017 Season Champion White Sox will have to deal with Dave Profito’s reconstituted Dodgers

The league continues to look for more players. Please contact Commissioner Matt Lombardi at if interested in playing.


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