PCTVS Presents The Barrow House as Business Partner of the Year

PCTVS is proud and honored to present Skopos Hospitality Group’s The Barrow House as Business Partner of the Year 2021-2022. The Barrow House, located in Clifton, will work directly with the PCTVS School of Culinary Arts to cooperatively train, and employ some of the school’s most talented and eager Culinary students. 


Chris Santhouse, a former Culinary Arts teacher at PCTVS and current School to Careers Coordinator is responsible for setting up this unique partnership with Skopos. “This is an incredible opportunity for our students to get invaluable hands-on experience in an actual restaurant setting. Students will be shadowing and then partaking in the day-to-day operations of The Barrow House starting in the kitchen, which is the backbone of the food service industry.”


Co-owner Thomas Maroulakos commented, “The Greek word ‘Skopos’ refers to a distant mark or end-goal one has in view. At Skopos, our objective is to bring a fresh take to the food and beverage industry in New Jersey, centered around exceptional hospitality set in spaces that offer escapes from daily life, while complementing the unique food and beverage programs at each venue. Having hardworking students from PCTVS train and learn with us is a great way to afford them the opportunity to get real-world experience before they graduate and venture into the work force. This partnership will also benefit Skopos because we will be able to constantly update and evolve our approach to creating educational and training materials for our employees. We thank PCTVS for naming us as their business partner of the year.” 


This is truly an amazing opportunity for our students and PCTVS is proud to have Skopos Hospitality and The Barrow House as Business Partner of the Year 2021-2022. 


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