Picatinny Brings Science To Hopatcong Students

Mrs. Tumminelli’s and Mrs. Ferrara’s third grade classes from Tulsa Trail Elementary School in Hoptacong continued their STEAM partnership with Picatinny Arsenal with a recent visit with Dr. Douglas Wong.

The demonstration dealt with chemistry and food science.  The students in the Hopatcong school began with a lesson on flour, and were asked to come up with all of the different foods in which flour was an ingredient.  They then came up with the revelation that flour can make things fluffy, gooey, flakey, spongy, and thick, based on how much of it is used.

They received a basic chemistry lesson on mixtures, getting to see and feel how flour reacts with water when only a little or a lot is added.  They then got to observe and take part in a food chemistry lesson with cocoa, flour and water and were treated to an actual cooking lesson to see the difference between using premade pancake mix, and making a mixture from a home-made scratch recipe.  In the end, they got to enjoy the pancakes as a special treat.

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