Presentation Of Roxbury School’s Security Initiative At Next BOE Meeting

Roxbury Township Public School’s Director of Security to present district comprehensive security plan at next Board of Education meeting set on Mon., Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Lincoln/Roosevelt School. The public is welcome to come and hear about this initiative update.

James Simonetti, former Roxbury Chief of Police turned district Director of Security will provide an overview of Roxbury’s mission regarding security that revolves around four key components: healthy school environment, counseling for troubled/problem students, effective relationships with law enforcement and first responders, and controlled access to school buildings and grounds.

One of the district goals for the 2016/2017 school year identified school security as a priority. Simonetti’s presentation will cover the accomplishments of the first 100 days that includes the ALiCE implementation training and drills, revamping of security officers responsibilities, implementation of “Informacast” messaging system, and updates to the district-wide Crisis Plans.

The security changes have been explained throughout the district to staff, buildings and grounds personnel, vendors, and the PTA/PTO organizations.

In an effort to further communicate this initiative, Simonetti and Superintendent Loretta Radulic attended faculty meetings and PTA/PTO meetings to get feedback on the implementation of the program as well as other security concerns district-wide.

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