Proceeds from Mendham Author’s New Children’s Book Set to Help Restore Abaco Islands

Jacelyn Botti, a long-time resident of Mendham, loves to travel with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maximilian. Always by her side, Maxi has accompanied Botti, her husband, Jack, and their friends on many vacations.  They’ve especially enjoyed travelling on their ship, Botti to visit the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.

             Their last trip to Abacos, taken in December of 2018, was particularly memorable. The entourage explored many exotic landmarks and colorful areas of several islands and enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the Bahamian people.  The trip made a lasting, life-long impression on the family.

              Then in September 2019, Botti along with Maxi, sat watching the news.  She was devastated to hear about Hurricane Dorian annihilating Abacos while witnessing the destruction on her television screen.   She immediately felt a strong urge to Do Something and came up with the idea of creating a children’s book, Maximilian Rescues Abaco

to sell with all profits geared toward helping with restoration efforts. In the story, Maxi describes his adventures, travels and discovery of the islands in 2018 especially spending time with many new and wonderful Bahamian friends.

        The Botti’s are completely devoted to promoting Maxi’s story and raising as much money as possible.  Their hope is that the Abaco Islands will be restored to their natural beauty before Hurricane Dorian struck.

            A long-time real estate broker and senior real estate executive in several states,

Botti is also a talented artist.  She collaborated with co-illustrator, Lynn Eberenz, also of Mendham, creating cartoon images from the various photographs that were taken during the Botti’s 2018 trip to Abacos.

Maxi is a certified Therapy Dog.  He epitomizes this important canine service as he loves nothing better than to hug and cuddle.  His endearing personality, silky coat, long ears and soulful eyes make him irresistible in person and through the colorful cartoon illustrations and storyline in the book.

To purchase a copy of Maximilian Rescues Abaco visit:

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