Project Help Expanding its Mission

Project Help, located in Sussex County, just approved the expansion of its mission to include all military personnel.  It was originally founded to provide assistance to all American Veterans in NJ and FL.


In keeping their thumb on the pulse, they realized that there were Military men and women who need their services, especially as they begin their transition into civilian life.


“With our new mentorship program about to be launched by mid-year 2021, the outreach to the military, guard and reserves as well as veterans, makes perfect sense at this time.  The Board of Directors approved it without exception and has been part of our long-term strategy for some time”, said Sandy Mitchell, founder and Executive Director.


This is a wonderful step for Project Help and a major expansion of their mission, which was to provide assistance to veterans and their families as they struggle with life’s problems, mostly related to financial issues.  Many of these heroes are living from paycheck to paycheck, living without much hope for anything better, and getting stuck in the nothingness of their purpose after the military.  Most of these men and women are educated, talented and quite honorable.  They are hard workers, respectful and know how to follow orders. They just got lost for a while as they were trying to get back into the civilian way of life.  Mitchell said “We are hoping to bridge that gap with the mission expansion and new program.”


Their new mentorship program, a joint project with Carmine Costello, who sits on the board of Directors and Vet Together, a program developed by Sandy Mitchell of Project Help, blended the two pillars to come up with the soon to be announced program.  Carmine has was a recipient of services from Project Help several years ago.  Today he’s very successful, just bought his first home, and has a wife and daughter who are exceptional as well.

With their expanded mission to include the military, they expect to increase the number of success stories this year and into the future.  They are also expanding their volunteers and board members and hope to have a good influx of these types to be able to help with fundraising for their Hardship Fund and expand their reach, finding donors and sponsors and provide general counseling courses for the clients who cross their path.


Project Help is a 501c3 all-volunteer organization, is 5 years old and loving every minute of working with their military and veteran population.


To contact them call 973-875-2068 or go to


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