Randolph Balloonist Selected for Orlando’s “Balloon Wonderland”

By Steve Sears

Last month, Randolph’s Jamie Frick headed to Orlando, Florida, but she didn’t pay Mickey and Minnie Mouse a visit.

“Honestly, my goal that week – in addition to doing the work and creating these incredible structures – was connecting with other balloon professionals and creating a network of relationships with like- minded people across the country,” Frick says. “I love the idea of people that are doing what I’m doing in different ways and different styles and the sharing of ideas. I think that’s what I liked the best, the networking part of it.”

Frick, owner of Event Accents Balloon Décor Company, networked and created balloon art with almost 400 other balloonists at “Balloon Wonderland” from July 11 -15, creating displays that were almost 24’ in height at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel.

“Balloon Wonderland” is supporting a Florida-based charity called Give the Kids the World. “It gives terminally ill, sick children an opportunity to do things that they wouldn’t normally get to do or have time to do,” Frick explains. “They’ve spent so much time in the hospital and with these illnesses that the charity provides opportunities for them to participate in events and things that bring them joy. And balloons bring people joy. Rarely do I ever decorate an event that is not a happy occasion.”

Early in 2021, Frick researched and connected with a group of balloonists from across the United States who were taking part in an “Adopt a Grandparent “campaign. She then hooked up with Balloon Boss Mastermind, another group of professionals country-wide. “I went to Orlando last year in November for a balloon business conference, and that’s when I heard about ‘Balloon Wonderland”. While there, she met Stuart Davies, Balloon Wonderland Producer. “He runs the ‘International Big Balloon Build,” Frick says of Davies, “and this is a way for Qualatex, a balloon manufacturer, to partner with Stuart Davies and his company, and that’s how ‘Balloon Wonderland’ became an enormous version of a ‘International Big Balloon Build.”

Frick, whose themed areas in Orlando included “Enchanted Forests”, “Toyland”, and “Under the Sea”, grew up in Randolph but very close to the Denville border (“I was always one foot in Randolph and one foot in Denville,” she says), and she attended the University of Delaware to study Hotel and Restaurant Management. After getting her degree, she worked in hotels doing catering sales, weddings, social and corporate events. She and her husband moved to Boston for a few years, but the Garden State lured them back. After working at a local coffee shop, she then went to political fundraising and event planning for six years, then got a job as a corporate meeting planner in November of 2019, and then was laid off five months later during the pandemic.

She had, however, started an LLC at the end of 2019, and wanted to do something with her event planning background. “But it wasn’t until COVID that it became a COVID pivot,” Frick explains. “I was doing a little bit on the side here and there with event planning, because that’s my background. Then COVID hit, and I wasn’t doing anything.”

Then her friend approached her about somehow having a birthday party during the pandemic, and Frick suggested celebrating outside with a balloon display. Frick created it, the balloons popped, and she researched a better way of doing it. “I sort of like headfirst dove into the world of balloons and I have not stopped since,” Frick says. “Along the way, I’ve always managed events on the side. If somebody was having a wedding, someone would always call when they needed a person with a service background, just to manage the day-to-day operations. Having that background and knowing how catering sales worked, I thought that’s what I wanted to be, an event planner. But once I discovered balloons, I really liked all of that stuff and I focused solely on balloon decor.”

She hasn’t looked back. “I think it’s the idea that, not only do balloons bring joy, I am a people pleaser by nature. I have hospitality in my blood, that’s why I went to school for it. I can’t seem to shake that sort of ‘people pleasing hospitality’ mentality. The thing about balloons is that they always make people happy. I get to be a part of bringing people joy, and there’s a creative side, and I get to use that creativity in building these different structures. You can do so much with balloons that people forget or don’t even realize.”

For more information about Frick and Event Accents Balloon Décor Company, visit her website at www.eventaccentsco.com. More information about “Balloon Wonderland” can be found on the Qualatex website, www.us.qualatex.com.

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