Recycling and Park Upgrades Coming to Mount Olive in 2021

By: Megan Roche


Residents in Mount Olive have much to look forward to in the coming months. 


Beginning in January, the Mount Olive Township administration is rolling out a new all-encompassing guide to recycling and trash pickup. According to the township administrator, Andrew Tatarenko, the new guide will answer any and all questions that the public has about DPW.


“We put together an annual recycling and sanitation guide. In the past we’ve had some complaints about our schedules not being consistent and residents not really knowing what branches they can put out, when is the chipper available, etc. We’ve put this guide together to educate the public on when all the services we offer are available,” Tatarenko said. 


The process to streamline the information started late in 2020. The township printed guides and are in the process of mailing them to each home. If you don’t receive one, the guide is also available in a PDF on the township website. The printing of the guides was funded by a clean communities grant. 


“The guide outlines everything that we have to offer. By using the guide, the public will know when and what type of service is available. It’s somewhat of a FAQ guide, but it’s more specific about all the things we offer. Residents will find everything from when the recycling center is open to proper flag disposal, what to do with hazardous waste, tree branches, and the proper protocol of how to get rid of stuff,” Tatarenko said. 


Park facilities will also see a facelift. The beginning talks are happening at the mayor and council level for upgrades at Valley Brook Park. According to Tatarenko, he now has a better conceptual plan of what township officials would like to see.


“We have a better idea of how we want to see this project through. We’re still in the planning stages and we are recommending money be budgeted in 2021 to start some of the improvements. The focus in 2021 will be to clean up and improve the outdoor track area to make it more of a trail/interconnecting walkway system,” Tatarenko says.


Valley Brook Park will potentially house a skate park, RC track, and roller hockey rink. Looking to 2022, Tatarenko hopes that the project will be well on its way to completion. 


“By 2022, I foresee the other parts of the improvements taking place. By then, we will be able to repurpose those barns that are currently on the site,” 


More information about both projects is available on

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