Residents Meet BOE Candidates

The Roxbury public had a chance to come out and meet the candidates last month at Lincoln/Roosevelt School. This event, sponsored by the L/R PTO allowed the seven candidates running for three, three-year terms for the Roxbury Board of Education to debate questions from the general public by the moderator, Louise Davis, from the NJ League of Women Voters. The incumbents seeking reelection are Richard Alexander and Carol Scheneck. In addition, were newcomers Joyce Ferraro, Dan Masi, Lisa Millus, Peter Okun, and Meredith Sorrano. Within this group of seven, there are two slates running together and an individual. The two groups are CARE comprised of Rich Alexander, Dan Masi and Carol Scheneck and ACT made up of Lisa Millus, Peter Okun, and Meredith Sorrano. The outside candidate is Joyce Ferraro.

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