RHS Students Enjoy New Culinary Classroom

Randolph High School students are cooking up a storm in the renovated culinary classroom which was part of a special high school renovation project.

The classroom, which was completed earlier this month, features state-of-the-art renovated kitchens with new appliances and cooking areas for students, said teacher Karen GaNung.

The students said they were all very thankful for their renovated classroom.

“I just love the new kitchens,” said senior Kyle Luthy. “We have more space to cook.”

Sophomore Jess Nodin said “The kitchens are a lot bigger and they are really nice,” as she made a pumpkin pie for the class Thanksgiving feast as part of a special unit on cooking with fresh herbs.

Students brought in special Thanksgiving recipes from home which they prepared with their classmates. GaNung did the turkey. Students made everything from stuffing to potatoes.


The high school renovation project also included a new transition room.


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