Ronin Martial Arts Opens in Denville

Ronin Martial Arts is a new business in Denville. Actually, being located in Denville is new while the business owner is well established in the area. John Hertzel, a Fourth Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do opened the new business here in July 2019. Ronin is more than an academy for Martial Arts lessons, Ronin also offers Yoga classes as well as Kickboxing classes. John Hertzel and his team of instructors have been teaching martial arts in the Denville and Rockaway area for fifteen years. 

Students at Ronin are involved in goal-oriented training. Unlike some schools and training centers where students participate as individuals trying out different moves, exercises and techniques, at Ronin each student is assisted by the staff to set long term goals and work toward them in a realistic and consistent fashion at their own pace. Students achieve more and are generally happier when their instructors are receptive to their individual needs. John and his team of instructors see their students as much more than people passing through their school. Some students have trained with John for as many as 20 years. Students share information about their interests and life experiences with their martial arts instructors. One result of this sharing of interests is that John has become a mentor to many of his students. Parents explain that Hertzel and his team of instructors have had a huge positive influence on the children’s lives. John has forged long-lasting relationships with many students. Ronin is a culture of its own. All students are fully welcome at Ronin. People at Ronin are of all ages, all abilities, and any identity. After training with Ronin and achieving Black Belts, many students return to Ronin to share in their life accomplishments with their Instructors. “Its very rewarding to us as instructors to see how these lessons learned in Martial arts have helped our students achieve their goals throughout their lives. Its nice to know we are having an impact on the lives of our students.” Said Hertzel. Instructors at Ronin commonly provide letters of recommendation for students, helping them to be accepted for admission to some of the top schools. Students at Ronin come from all walks of life and range from age 4 to 72. Parents note improvement in their children’s character development, Ronin instructors help accomplish this by encouraging students to bring in report cards, and help students work on elements of their public/private education careers. Parents request assistance in addressing school issues that need attention. Leveraging their Mentoring relationship with their students, Ronin’s instructors reinforce attention/effort with positive reinforcement and orientation toward goals. Hertzel explained, “Every student here takes classes for a different reason. Some need a way to learn how to interact with others and cooperate as a team, and others work on focus and paying attention.” A multi program approach allows for complete family involvement. Children can participate in Tae Kwon Do and Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles in Fitness Kickboxing, Yoga, or Adult TKD.

Ronin and its instructor team actively participate in community events such as the Denville Polar Plunge, and Volunteer to participate in local events, street fairs, demonstrations, fall festivals, and other holiday events.  Ronin also makes donations to tricky trays and fund raisers. Hertzel and his instructors also assists students in preparation for school talent shows and accompany students during their talent show presentations.


While breathing new life into the “Pella Plaza”, Ronin Martial Arts is helping to revitalize a space that has been empty for some time. With a Nail salon in the same building, families can enjoy the convenience of having a manicure or pedicure while students are in class. The Ronin facility is perfect for family involvement. With a spacious waiting area with large viewing windows into the classroom. Ronin has all new construction, wi-fi available for parents, and a complimentary coffee bar where parents can relax and enjoy chatting with others. 

At Ronin there is a program for everyone. Ronin has a comprehensive and flexible class schedule with over 30 classes offered per week, which compliments students’ other activities such as seasonal sports, camps, vacations, etc. Having such an extensive class schedule also eases stress of overscheduling. Children and adults alike feel comfortable that their instructors teach on their level. Each person feels as important as the next. Ronin’s staff creates an atmosphere of congeniality and comfort. Ronin is a one-of-a-kind facility. All styles and disciplines are accepted for transfer students. 


Ronin offers a full schedule year-round. Get started with Summer, holiday, and grand opening specials, family discounts, and FREE class trials today.

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