Roseland Welcomes Congresswoman Sherrill to Share News About Postal Service Reform Act

The Borough of Roseland, NJ welcomed Congresswoman Sherrill to Roseland yesterday morning as she shared information about the progress of the Postal Service Reform Act which has passed the House, but awaiting a vote in the Senate before going to President Biden’s desk.

Congresswoman Sherrill was joined by County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, Jr., County Sheriff Armando Fontoura, Assemblyman John McKeon, Mayor James Spango, Council President Jean Perrotti, Councilwoman Eileen Fishman, Councilman Chris Bardi, and Councilman Moose Trillo. A representative from the Letter Carrier Union as well as several Roseland residents also attended the press conference.

“Today we welcomed leaders of Roseland, Essex County and our State to show our local, county and 27th legislative district support for a postal reform act sponsored by Congresswoman Sherrill.  Congresswoman Sherrill is always responsive and ready to roll up her sleeves and advocate for the residents of Roseland,” said Roseland Mayor James R. Spango. “We applaud her efforts and thank County Executive DiVincenzo and Senator Codey (both Roseland residents) for writing letters advocating for our residents as well.  We also thank Assemblyman McKeon for joining us in support of this bill.”

Congresswoman Sherrill explained the benefits of the legislation to the assembled crowd, which included mandating six days of mail delivery, addressing issues with health benefits, and allowing the Post Office to expand operations to include other services. Of top interest to Roseland however was the news that the Post Office would be required to produce “local delivery area performance information” and that they need to “develop and maintain and publicly available website with an interactive web-tool that provides performance information” that us updated on a weekly basis.

The Borough is closely monitoring the status of this bill as it moves through Congress and hopes that it passes so that residents can start noticing some improvements to the Post Office operations.

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