Rotary Celebrates Annual Presidents’ Ball

The annual Presidents’ Ball of Rotary District 7470 was held on Nov. 18 at Mayfair Farms. The event celebrates the presidencies of the 50 Rotary Clubs of the District for the year 2016-2017.

This year, however, an additional celebration was observed.  The Rotary International Foundation celebrated its 100th Anniversary.   Over the years, Rotary District 7470 has continuously and generously supported the Foundation.  The Foundation in turn supports the work of Rotarians worldwide who find sustainable solutions to their communities’ most pressing needs.

In 2015 rotarians worked together to improve lives in 180 countries.  Through the foundation, purchases of books, mosquito nets and water filters improved the everyday lives of thousands of people. Irrigation and sanitation systems were installed where none existed, providing a healthier environment as well as the ability to grow crops.

The foundation also brought cancer screening facilities to assist local doctors and medical facilities. To promote peace, the foundation also provides training in conflict resolution.  Its effects are varied and widespread.  Rotary District 7470 is a shining example of philanthropy through the Rotary Foundation.

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