Roxbury Chief of Police Marc Palanchi thanks the students.

Kennedy Students Show Community Support Through Food Drive

[drops]Kennedy Elementary School students are learning to give back to their community this Thanksgiving season.

Students at the school began collecting non-perishable items during October’s Week of Respect and carried it through most of November. The third graders picked up the momentum and organized a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the second straight year.

The culmination of their efforts were hand-delivered to the Roxbury Police Station by Tina Banta and Rebecca Szigeti’s third-grade classes on Tuesday morning, Nov. 22.

These students were recognized by the Roxbury Police Department for their efforts and in turn received a tour of the police station.

Roxbury Chief of Police Marc Palanchi addressed the students when they visited the station and went on to say, “We appreciate you taking the time to bring us more food. You guys understand you’re helping a lot of people in Roxbury. That’s an awesome thing especially coming from third graders. For you guys to realize how important it is to help others when they need it, whether it is as third graders at Kennedy School or an entire family. I can tell you there’s a lot of people that need the food pantry. That’s why they’re having such as a hard time keeping it full, so you guys are really helping us out! You’re teaching the adults good lessons sometimes, that helping isn’t restricted to age and you’re making this holiday better for all the people who will receive these items.”

A handful of Kennedy students went above and beyond in the spirit of giving.

Nicholas Blenx, fourth grader at the school created and sold rainbow loom bracelets for a dollar to his classmates and along with other donations was able to raise more than $300. Nicholas went shopping for non-perishable items for the food drive with the money he raised.

Three other students took it upon themselves to hold a lemonade stand and to sell cookies door-to-door to raise funds for the food drive. Tyler Curtis, Ethan Everett, and Lily Phelan-Fonseca collected an additional $50 and purchased ShopRite gift cards for Roxbury Social Services to purchase needed items.

Mrs. Byrne’s fourth grade class collected the most items for the drive and received a pizza party as a thank you for their efforts.

Overall, Kennedy Elementary School collected approximately 1,500 items plus $150 in ShopRite gift cards.

Kennedy’s donation will be added to the Roxbury Police Department’s annual food drive that assists Roxbury Social Services.

The Roxbury Police Department has been collecting non-perishable items from Roxbury residents throughout November as part of the Township Thanksgiving Food Drive. All donated items were to be delivered to Roxbury Social Services the day before Thanksgiving.

Roxbury Social Services assists low-income working families, seniors, and people with disabilities living on fixed incomes. The food pantry exists solely on the generous donations from individuals and local businesses. Many individuals and families in Roxbury Township rely on Social Services and the Food Pantry and any donations are welcome all year-round.


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